Policy Development and Analysis

Duration: 1 Week

Location: London, UK


Course Description

The development and analysis of policy is perhaps one of the most critical functions the leadership has to perform. Public Policy drives the development and behaviour of society across all facets of public life including the economy, safety, social security etc.

This course provides a refresher for the more experienced policy makers and for leaders new to the concept of policy making; this course aims to equip with the right tools.


Who Should Attend

This course is ideal for all senior manger and members of the leadership within the public sector. Both experienced and new policy makers will find this course extremely useful.


Course Objectives

  • Better understanding of policy development and its impact.
  • Ability to analyse policy critically and objectively
  • Understand how to identify and correct a dysfunctional policy
  • Understand how to align policy with organisational/public mandates


Programme Outline

  • Leadership and Policy
  • Ingredients of a good policy:
  • Problem identification and setting growth objectives.
  • Types of public policies
  • The policy development process
  • Analysing existing policies: Keep, Scrap or Correct
  • Reviewing the legal framework, execution and enforcement
  • Engaging the public: Securing their ‘buy-in’

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