With the demands on public administration continually evolving to match socio-economic changes and global trends; having public professionals with relevant skills has become even more critical in the current social climate. Not only should public professionals be equipped to address ever changing requirements within their local/national communities, making an impact is imperative to foster public support and continuity in service.

Civil Educational Resources and Training ‘CERT’, represents over 20 years of providing up to date training solutions and resources to government departments within Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Equipping public professionals with the skills and confidence to tackle their day-to-day responsibilities whilst driving projects with longer term benefits.



Our vision at CERT is to become a globally renowned learning and skills development partner for professional that operate within the public service.



Equipping professional public servants to deliver their best and make an impact



Our values shape our organisational culture, directs how we relate with our clients and how we fulfil our mission.

Passion: So, what exactly are we passionate about? We are driven to seeing public serving professionals adequately equipped to face today’s challenges. We believe every individual has an opportunity to make a difference in their daily work life; and its our intention to be a part of their success stories.

Creating Value: A big part of our mission is to create value at every stage and point of interaction with our clients (the organisations we have a relationship with), with our delegates (direct recipients of our solutions and our team (including staff, associates and practitioners). This is a core part of our culture.

Integrity: We value transparency and aim to instil trust in the relationships we build internally as a team and with all external parties.

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