Franchisor and Franchisee: A Creative and Innovative Entrepreneurship Green Economy

Duration: 1 Week

Location: London, UK


Course Description

This module develops the knowledge and skills required to ensure effective compliance with policies and procedures within an organisation and the development of a suitably trained Compliance Team.


Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for senior decision-makers and all public and private sector managers specifically managers looking to create or lead a compliance team


Course Objectives

  • Outline the principles and procedures necessary to carryout the compliance function
  • Identify the key procedures required in an organisation to manage and prevent fraud
  • Outline and evaluate the policies and procedures in an organisation
  • Understand and apply knowledge of investigation procedures and interviewing techniques
  • Prepare Response Plans to identify suitable plans and actions to counter fraud and the likely outcomes of fraud
  • Risk Assess core business areas

Programme Outline

  • The role and purpose of the compliance function within regulated and public organisations
  • Alternative approaches to compliance
  • Control procedures
  • Organisational policies in relation to fraud
  • Risk assessments
  • Investigation processes and evidence gathering
  • Organisation of evidence and quality control
  • Investigative interviewing – fact finding in a business environment