Digitization: Strategy for Transforming Public Services

Duration: 1 Week

Location: London, UK


Course Description

So much has changed since the pandemic hit; and a new normal has emerged. The public sector has also been affected as senior managers grapple with the challenge of translating public service and public engagement into the digital sphere.

This course looks at high level and implied gains from going digital. It reviews the strategy behind the transformation process and planning required for a smooth transition.


Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for any senior or executive manager within the public service overseeing the innovation, IT or technical department within a public service entity.


Course Objectives

  • Appreciate the full potential of a digitised service
  • Understand how to navigate the transition and transformation process.
  • Putting a strategy in place; monitoring and implementation of an agreed plan


Programme Outline

  • A culture of change: Leadership and Change management
  • Promoting growth and productivity
  • An overview and basics of digital transformation
  • Understanding digital infrastructure
  • Applying strategic planning: aiming for results
  • Transforming a service-led institution

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